• How do I pay my Assessment and/or view my Account Balance?
    Within the navigation bar along the top portion of this website, the Residents portion offers choices via drop down with the first option as Pay My Bill.
    In order to utilize this service, you will need to log in to the Managing Agent's website. Please bear in mind the Managing Agent's website is separate from the Association’s website. You will have two separate user profiles.
  • I'm refinancing/selling my home. Where can I find the information I need?
    The information you need may vary by circumstance and institution. This website offers the most commonly requested documents such as:
    • Association Insurance
    • Copy of the Annual Budget
    • Governing Documents (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions; By-Laws; and Articles of Incorporation)
    • Questionnaire
    If you need a document or information not found in the list above, submit a Service Request to the Managing Agent.
  • Where can I get a copy of my Governing Documents (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions; By-Laws; and Articles of Incorporation)?
    Under the Documents option on the navigation bar, select the link for Governing Documents to download the desired document(s).
  • It's late, but I have an emergency! How can I get a hold of someone?
    In the event you are in need of immediate assistance outside normal business hours, please call the Managing Agent's main line, (765) 742-6390, to obtain assistance.
    Should this be an emergency where you or others are injured or in danger, such as a fire, please call 911.
  • What is an HOA?
    A corporation filed with the state under a not-for-profit status formed for the purpose of administering Association business and the operation of all commonly held property. Each Homeowner in the Association has a percentage of ownership in all Common Areas. Each Homeowner will automatically become a voting member of the Association on the date of transfer of ownership recorded in the County Clerk’s office.
  • I'd like to make a change to the outside of my home, i.e. build a fence. What must I do?
    Prior to any improvements, alterations, or additions made to the outside of your home or lot, an Improvement Application must be submitted to the Managing Agent.
    For a complete explanation of the process, please click the link above, or select Improvement Application available under the Residents option found on the navigation bar.

  • How do I obtain a pool key?
    A week prior to the pool opening, new keys are mailed to Residents. In order to be eligible to receive a pool key for the season, Residents are required to have a current (paid in full) Association Account as of May 15th.
    After May 26th, if you believe you should have received a pool key and have not, please contact Main Street Management
  • How many pool keys am I allowed to receive?
    The limit for pool keys is one per household. If you are a renter, the owner of the property is the only one who is able to provide the pool key. The Association does not require owners to provide a pool key to renters. 
  • Do I use the same key for every pool season?
    No, a new key is distributed to Residents every season, because the pool gate is rekeyed each year. Please discard your old key at the conclusion of the pool season.
  • I've lost my key! How do I get a new one?
    Please contact Main Street Management to obtain a replacement key. Be advised there is a $20 charge for the replacement key.
  • Where do I get a copy of the pool rules?
    Residents with a User Profile on this website may obtain a copy of the rules by clicking here, or selecting ‘Resident Documents’ located in the dropdown menu of the ‘Documents’ portion of the navigation bar.

  • How do I update my address/contact information?
    To update your address and contact information with the Association, submit a Service Request to the Managing Agent.
    To update your address and contact information in your website User Profile, click the Your Profile link on the upper right hand side of the navigation bar. You may enter the updated information.
  • I forgot my login email address or password (or both). How can I get them?
    If you have forgotten your password or username on the Association website, use the Forgot Password or Forgot Username link on the login page.
  • How do I change my password?
    Click the Your Profile link on the upper right hand side of the navigation bar, and enter the desired information.
  • May I change what is displayed in the website's directory?
    You may! Click the Your Profile link on the upper right hand side of the navigation bar, and adjust the available settings.